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Photos of people that I’ve collected over the years.

A Very Leila Christmas

Hudson’s Bay | The Grand Portage

Diamond | Portraits

Old Country Acres Niagara

Music Fridays

A series of videos that I shot at Diamond for TD Music Fridays. These videos showcased some of the artists…

Hudson’s Bay – YouCan

A series of lifestyle makeup tutorial videos I shot for Hudson’s Bay, in partnership with Mac, Clarins, Dyson and more….

Junos 2017

An amazing weekend capturing TD Music content at Junos events in Ottawa, 2017.

Auto Adjudication

A man walks into a bank and requests a loan for his Biker Tea Party business. A short, comedic training…

TD City Hall

The branch at city hall has been there forever. It’s an iconic corner. This video was meant to share spread…

Mini Clubman 360 Part 2

This marks the second Mini car I’ve shot in 360 degrees.


Photographs that I’ve taken travelling the great outdoors.  

Canada 150 360 Dome

I shot some 360 photos and videos at the TD C150 Dome in Toronto.

Lunar New Year

TD Lunar New Year 2017 (Final) V3 from Alexei Golob on Vimeo. Lunar New Year from Alexei Golob on Vimeo.

Diamond Holiday Candles

I shot and set-decorated this short spot for the 2016 Diamond Integrated Marketing holiday card.

MusiCounts – Journey to the Junos

I had the pleasure of filming a young woman named Sam Spensley on her journey to the Junos. Sam was…

Phone Channel

Phone Channel is the French component of a first-person interactive training video for TD’s prospective phone channel employees. I designed (based…

Land Rover 360

Had the pleasure of photographing a 360-degree photo of the interior of this Land Rover for The Mine. View the…

Cinematography Reel

Editing Reel

Fiber One Cakewalk

I shot a series of promotional videos for Fiber One’s new cheesecake bar. This was followed by a post video…

Meraki (2016)

Photographs for Meraki, a synchronized skating club in Scarborough, Canada. Art direction by Kyle Neilson and Julie Bisson. I decided…

Why MusiCounts

A short documentary I shot hosted by Scott Helman that discusses the importance of music in kids’ lives. Featuring Kevin…

Mini Clubman 360 Part 1

This 360-degree photograph is my first foray into the art of photographing a car interior from the inside in 360-degrees…

TD Five Boro Bike Tour

Mounted a 360 camera to a bicycle and rode it around NYC for 40 miles.

Cascadia (2014)

Vacation and extreme touristing in Seattle, Washington, and Vancouver, British Columbia.  

Christmas of 2014

Friends and fam through the lens. RIP to Jimmy.  

Tearjerker – Word

Tearjerker – Word

Shot, cut, and composited this music video for Tearjerker. Starring Daniel Cristofori and Bee Raskob.

Northern Primitive – Soul Machines

Directed this music video for Northern Primitive. Pt. 2 of the Highway saga.


A looping video put together for Da’ Salon, a group show in Seattle, Washington.

The Show Off: Interesting Education

Short advertisement project for a group project in school. I was the DOP and editor on this cut.

Northern Primitive: Highway

My first music video for Northern Primitive, featuring Tommy “Wildfire” Burch, and John Pruyn. Part 1 of 2 in a…

The Snips – Dirty Water (2009)

Myself and Mike Giganti made this fun video for The Snips album release. It’s part of a compilation involving videos…


A road trip from the Niagara Region to Vancouver and back again in 12 days.

Alfredo Tomato

I helped out on this show, contributing to some planning for post-production, as well as executing the green-screening and background…

The Shaved Series Bumpers (2012 – 2013)

These are a series of bumpers I made for Shaved, a short-run quarterly film festival in Toronto, that I produced and curated…

Northern Primitive: Chariot Driver

Got eerily freaky for this music video with Northern Primitive.

G20 Toronto

Shot this music video over the course of the G20 weekend of June 25-27, 2010.

Demo Reel (2012)

High Detonation: Official Trailer

Fake movie trail short film project for class at OCAD University.

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